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It's hot.

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Let me say it again. It's hot.
It's hot.
It's hot.
Ok that's good.

Our air conditioning isn't getting repaired until the 14th.

That's nice.

It's hot. I know I mentioned that before. But really. It sucks because we can hardly open any of the windows due to the fact that we have a cat farm that tries to escape whenever we DO try to open them.

Fucking cats. Fucking air. fhefiuber';k werluih149-8r5hf4unarrrrrr grumpity grump.

In other news. I'm pretty much finished with one of my songs (that one being the first I've ever written) and am making a fabulous start on the second.

I'm also in the process of auditioning for a punk-ish band. Ummm...how's that going you say?

Well. Interesting. They sound fabulous. I sound fabulous. But we aren't really sounding fabulous together. And I don't think we will end up sounding fabulous together EVER. But that's ok because as frustrating as it has been thus far, it has also been an amazing learning experience for me.

Everyone is being really positive with their criticism and whatnot. Sometimes people just don't fit musically. : )

I'm such a trooper. As good as girl scout. Siiigh....


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